Flip's X-mas Box


What’s in the box ;

° 1 print of “..hiNkENde.hUhn..” 42 x 30 cm Steinbach paper 200g/M2                 

° 2 masks, 1 of each design.

° 1 “Tungske” flipka’s multi tool which also happens to be a magnet !!

It will be wrapped in a unique colorful flipka design box, to spice up your boring X-mas tree !!!

Flip's X-mas Box

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Price: 45 €
Shipment costs not included. If you want to know more about the shipment costs please send me a message flip@flipka.be

People from Limburg, Belgium, don’t worry , we got you’re back, it’s gonna be free… the shipments costs that is. 


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